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paintmespotless :[icons&graphics]:

...perhaps I'm creative, perhaps I'm not.

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you may know me as heartoutofstone or you may not. either way, you found my icons and stuff so.. well, kudos to you. :D my name is Cait and i spend a lot of time making icons/graphics/resource stuff when i should be doing my school work. anyway, this is where i put everything. i usually have anywhere from 1-3 icon posts a week, usually centered around my favorite shows (the office:us, chuck, pushing daisies, and possibly criminal minds and the csi(s).)

feel free to snag anything here unless its a request. other than that, go crazy! all i ask is that you please don't claim as your own. i'm not a stickler for credit but i really do appreciate it. you can credit either this journal, paintmespotless or my personal livejournal, heartoutofstone. whichever you prefer. ALSO, textless icons are not bases!

i use a lot of older resources i've had for awhile and unfortuneatly lost the credit somewhere. but if you notice anything that you've made let me know and i will most definitley credit you. if i use your textures/brushes then there's a good chance you'll be listed in the 'resource' column in my layout.

made by newkidfan